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We are excited to share with you some great news. We have been working on some new badges to motivate, encourage and acknowledge the working progress of participants signed up for the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. These new badges come with perks that will be greatly beneficial to our members in developing their individual projects.

SEIP started the Youth Entrepreneurship Program to introduce youths around the world to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and help them on their path as social entrepreneurs with the help of many tools, one of which is the mini-courses provided. We are interested in our participants' journey in creating and developing their own projects which will have an intended positive social impact on the environment and humanity. Thus we came up with a means of acknowledging their progress😊

We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the first badge, THE NOVICE BADGE.

The term "Novice" is coined from the Latin word Novus, which means new.

The Novice badge represents participants coming out of their shells to introduce their social Enterprises to the world and further develop their projects or those starting their journey on a new path of Social Entrepreneurship. Thus the logo of the badge is a bird hatching from an egg, legs first. This represents our hopes for our participants. We want each participant starting out at YEP to have a solid foundation with the basics in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, understanding this concept, and progressing on to implement what they have learned in their projects.

You must be wondering, how do I acquire this badge? Not to worry, You can get this badge once you begin your very first YEP mini-course, What is Social Entrepreneurship?

We at YEP would like to give a shout-out to all participants who are on their very first mini-course, What is Social Entrepreneurship? on joining the Program. Our recipients of THE NOVICE BADGE are in the names of @M Junaid Faiq @Joanna Tan @Shahad Husain @Atha Ardelia @Khushi Yadav @Amut Yadav @Muhammad Nanda Jabar Rozaq @Nahal Hashir @Syeda Mehdia Naqvi

The next badges which show the growth of our YEP participants in regard to their mini-courses will be introduced in the near further so WATCH OUT for the next blog post.

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