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Brand strategy workshops

Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program - Remote Brand Strategy Workshops for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

2022. January - December

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Social Entrepreneurship Incubation Program - Remote Brand Strategy Workshops for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs


The aim of the workshops is to help purpose-driven business owners in the international SEIP network understand and use the power of Purpose Branding. Implementing a brand strategy will allow them to build a strong and unique brand, create brand awareness, communicate better with their target audience, and make a long-lasting positive impact. 


Participants are encouraged to take part in every session throughout the year as I will guide them through a complex branding programme in which every step is essential, however, new SEIP members will also have the opportunity to join the workshops if they join SEIP during the year. 


The workshop can be useful for those who are only at the beginning of their branding journey, as well as participants with already existing brands and businesses.

Structure of the workshops

Pre-workshop survey (15-20 minutes): Workshop participants have to fill out a questionnaire before each workshop so I can understand their main challenges and questions about the next topic. The Google Forms will include 3-5 questions each time. 


Presentation (20 minutes): In the first part of the workshop I will present my slides about the topic and I will also show them resources so they can continue learning about it on their own. 


Group discussion (40 minutes): Participants can ask questions, and we will also discuss their answers to the questionnaires.


Workbook (30 minutes): I will create a workbook and guide them through it, so they can implement the strategy immediately into their brand’s day-to-day management.  

2022 Q1 , Brand substance elements, Brand positioning


1 - 14th of JanuaryWhat is branding? Introductions, First brand audit, SMART goals and objectives

2 - 28th of January Business model canvas, SWOT analysis from a branding point of view

3 - 11th of FebruaryBrand Purpose, Vision and Mission, Defining and communicating the USPs and the Why

4 - 25th of FebruaryBrand Keywords, Brand values and how to communicate them

5 - 11th of MarchAudience Personas and how to research them

6 - 25th of MarchCompetitor Research, Niche and how to find it

2022 Q2, Brand positioning, Brand persona


1 - 8th of April - Differentiation strategy

2 - 22nd of April - Positioning statement

3 - 6th of May - Brand archetypes and Customer archetypes

4 - 20th of May - Brand personality

5 - 3rd of June - Brand language and Brand voice

6 - 17th of June - Emotional branding, Purpose branding, and Implementation

2022 Q3, Brand communication elements, Brand identity elements


1 - 1st of July - Brand Name and Tagline

2 - 15th of July - Key messages - Core message and set of key messages

3 - 12th of August - Storytelling and brand story framework

4 - 26th of August - Design trends, Logo and Typography

5 - 9th of September - Colour palette, Image style and Moodboards

6 - 23rd of September - Iconography, Graphics and Illustration

2022 Q4, Brand presence, Signature offer


1 - 7th of October - Second brand audit, Signature offer, Lead magnet and Brand funnel

2 - 21st of October - Website strategy, Customer journey, Touchpoints and Digital sales funnels

3 - 4th of November - Social Channels, Community building and Visibility strategy

4 - 18th of November - Content and advertisement, Marketing strategy basics

5 - 2nd of December - Physical store / Personal presence / Personal branding

6 - 16th of December - Summarising what we learned and how the brands progressed

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