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SEIP Africa - Emilie Kisimba's experience

Emilie Kisimba participated in the SEIP Africa online incubation program 2023 with the aim of understanding how the concept of social entrepreneurship can contribute to addressing societal and environmental issues in his community in Congo.

Malaria continues to pose a significant health challenge in Congo, affecting communities across the nation. The prevalence of malaria cases remains a pressing concern, particularly among vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant women. Efforts to address this issue involve a multifaceted approach, including awareness campaigns, improved access to healthcare services, and the development of innovative strategies to reduce the burden of this disease on the Congolese population.

Central to Emilie's planned project is the inception of a community health center, devoted to mitigating the growing incidence of malaria among children and pregnant women in the vicinity. This endeavor involves collaborating with essential partners to offer discounted prices on malaria treatment.

Here is his reflection on participating in the SEIP Africa online incubation program.

"Participating in the SEIP Africa online incubation program was truly a great privilege. An awesome experience that gives me more desire to continue learning and playing the role of a social entrepreneur."

SEIP Africa is gearing up to launch its upcoming online incubation program. If you're eager to grasp the concept and integrate it into your entrepreneurial vision, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post dedicated to this online program.

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