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SEIP Africa-Tholoana Nthongoa's experience

Tholoana Nthongoa was a participant in the SEIP online incubation program 2023, where her project idea achieved a remarkable position within the top three ranks.

Her initiative focuses on tackling the problem of inadequate and unequal education in peri-urban and rural areas of South Africa, which has a detrimental impact on high school learners and their communities, resulting in limited economic opportunities.

She takes the lead in organizing workshops for career planning and self-development in these underserved schools, aiming to address the educational disparities that negatively affect high school learners in these communities.

This is her reflection on her experience during the program.

I came across this platform in need of a better and solid business structure and to find ways to expand the client base of my social entrepreneurship enterprise. My company has been in business and now is the time that I want to see scale and profit and maximizing impact. In this program, I learned much more than I had anticipated. My mind grew as I learned of the different forms the social enterprise can take, the methods to create income, and where it can come from. The most important thing for me is the type of partnerships that can be formed that has the potential to grow the business a lot, as well as finding new revenue streams to make the business sustainable while reaching the impact target which is the main reason for the existence of the business. This has been an enlightening journey, with a lot of formal and informal education, information, and great guidance. All of these valuable professional information sessions and academic feedback will yield positive returns. ~ Tholoana.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming post where you'll have the opportunity to read about other participants' experiences.

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